collage-aboutThe Greater Leimert Park Village Crenshaw Corridor Business Improvement District (“GLPVCC BID”) is a unique and eclectic mix of retail, restaurant, art, office, parking and mixed commercial use businesses located five miles south of the Interstate 10 Freeway in Los Angeles. (See Zone Boundaries).

For over five decades Leimert Park Village has been an important center of African-American art and culture as well as a center of commerce in the African-American community in Los Angeles. The GLPVCC BID’s boundaries were established in 2003 in an effort to preserve the historic nature of the commercial district and foster revitalization. Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, GLPVCC BID’s largest merchant, is one of the first enclosed shopping centers developed in the United States. Other well-known GLPVCC BID merchants include Mavericks Flats, the historic Vision Theater, Barbara Morrison’s Performing Arts Center and Eso Won Books.

Under the direction of a nine-member Board of Directors, the GLPVCC BID is managed by Community Build, Inc.

Community Build, Inc.’s original contract with the City of Los Angeles to manage the GLPVCC BID expired in December 2013. In June of 2014, a majority of property owners approved the renewal of the GLPVCC BID operations until December 2018.

In addition to renewing the GLPVCC BID for an additional five years, the Board approved the Greater Leimert Park Village/Crenshaw Corridor Management Plan to improve and provide special benefits for GLPVCC BID. The plan outlines activities, programs and departments, including the Clean, Safe & Beautiful programs and marketing and administration. These activities and programs are designed to meet the following BID goals:

  • Increase building occupancy and lease rates
  • Encourage new business development
  • Attract ancillary businesses and services.


The GLPVCC BID boundaries are comprised of three zones:

Zone 1: The Leimert Park Village includes the north side of 43rd Street to 43rd Place to the south and parcels facing Degnan Boulevard on the east and west sides.

Zone 2: Commercial areas along Crenshaw Boulevard, starting at Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, and includes Leimert Boulevard and Marlton Square (does not include Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza).

Zone 3: Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.