The Greater Leimert Park Village Crenshaw Corridor Business Improvement District (GLPVCCBID) is currently in its 10th year of operation as a property-based assessment district. It received two 5-year formation approvals from the City of Los Angeles City Clerk’s Office, one in 2009 and one in 2014. The current District boundaries include the commercially zoned parcels in Leimert Park Village, on Crenshaw Corridor from Vernon Avenue to 39th Street, in the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, and in Marlton Square which includes the new Kaiser Permanente building. Services include a clean streets program and marketing partnerships.

2019 Formation Concept

For its third formation approval process, the GLPVCCBID has embarked upon an effort to expand its boundary on Crenshaw Boulevard from 39th Street to Jefferson Boulevard. All other boundaries will remain the same. This effort will connect our communities along the new Crenshaw LAX Transit Line and create an opportunity to implement a collective marketing and branding strategy for the entire District with a focus on the arts, tourism, pedestrian oriented streetscape and business development. The Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project will serve the Crenshaw District, Inglewood and Westchester, and is establishing three stations on Crenshaw Boulevard within the proposed GLPVCCBID boundary:

1. Expo Line and Crenshaw/LAX Stations
2. Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza Station at King Boulevard
3. Leimert Park Village Station at 43rd Street

The parcels included in the District will specially benefit from the District marketing program which will be designed to increase awareness of the historic Crenshaw communities and increase commerce to the commercial businesses within the District boundary. The district will abut the segment of Crenshaw Corridor being identified as Destination Crenshaw from Vernon Avenue to Florence Avenue in the Council District 8 and will connect our communities to form one of the largest cultural destinations in the City!

What Are the Benefits for Property Owners?

Advocacy: Membership in a citywide business improvement district consortium that advocates on behalf of district businesses on issues such as street vending, homeless services coordination, waste management services and graffiti removal.

Enhanced Services: Business Improvements Districts are required to provide services above and beyond the level of service provided by the City of Los Angeles. They can also facilitate fulfillment of City baseline services such as removal of rubbish from the alleys and street improvements.

Funding: As authorized entities organized under the State of California law, business and professions code, property-based business improvement districts can pursue funding from the state of California for infrastructure projects and services.

Improvements: As entities authorized by the City of Los Angeles, business improvement districts can initiate and manage infrastructure and pedestrian oriented improvement projects such as sidewalk repairs and public art projects.

Tourism: As a collective district representing one of the largest urban retail core focused on the arts and tourism, the District is well-positioned to host 2028 Olympic Game programs and advocate to be a branded visitor site.

Grant Development: Pursue collective economic development and infrastructure funding from sources such as the US Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration and Metro Call for Projects.

Business Development: Lead efforts to create a retailing strategy to attract more businesses and to coordinate technical assistance services for small businesses.

Tree Maintenance: Coordinate tree establishment and trimming efforts throughout the district.

District Management Team:

The District is managed by Community Build, Inc., a non-profit community and economic development corporation, which is also assessed for the property it owns at 4305 – 4311 S. Degnan Boulevard in Leimert Park Village. Kimberly Ramsey is the Interim President and CEO of Community Build, Inc. and can be reached at 323-652-2018, Feel free to also contact the BID renewal and expansion consultant, Sherri Franklin, Urban Design Center, should you require additional information @ 213-447-9264,

Please visit the GLPVCCBID website at to view the District’s quarterly performance and annual financial reports. You can also visit the City Clerk’s website @ to obtain more information about the Business Improvement Districts in the City of Los Angeles.