LAPD Officer Paul Evleth’s new job as the new Leimert Park Village Community Police liaison has been more than a decade in the making.

“I was very blessed that they took the opportunity to allow me to work in the community relations office,” Evleth said. “It took me four attempts to get the job I have now. When it becomes open and available, it’s very competitive.”

He worked at the Northeast Station before moving to the LAPD Southwest Station eight years ago. In his new role, his territory includes Angeles Mesa, Leimert Park and Park Mesa Heights.

“Basically, I want to find out what are on-going issues that do not seem to be solved by just calling the regular dispatch number,” he said. “Sometimes things are complicated, and they just continue.”

In addition to reporting crimes to him, Evleth said it is also important for neighbors to fill out crime reports so the LAPD has it on record that there has been criminal activity in the neighborhood.

The most important part of his job is establishing relationships in the community, so people will be comfortable and trust the police, according to Evleth.
“You can’t really prevent crime unless you have a relationship to the community,” Evleth said. “You can maybe prevent some of it, but it’s a much better situation if you have that trust.”

It is also important to him to give people an opportunity to be heard.

“I know what it feels like to call the police, and you don’t necessarily see them respond, and it’s frustrating,” Evleth said. “So I understand first hand.”

To contact Officer Evleth, call (323) 387-9618, email him at:, or reach out via