As a part of its mission to revitalize South Los Angeles, Community Build hosted Resources and Connections to End Homelessness, a comprehensive outreach effort to connect individuals seeking housing and social services with agencies that provide information, assistance and resources.

Onsite service providers included Department of Motor Vehicles, First to Serve Interim Housing, Department of Public Social Services, CHUCO Justice Center, U.S. Vets Homeless Feeding and Housing Services, Homeless Engagement and Response Team (HEART), Department of Mental Health, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and others.

One of the more popular services at the event was Coach Ron Crocket’s Grooming for Success. His barber’s chair was occupied for the duration of the event as men waited patiently for a complementary haircut.

Event coordinator Tony Nicholas has been working with underserved populations for over 40 years and recently retired from his position with the City of Los Angeles Housing Department after 20 years. This is the fourth time Nicholas has teamed up with Community Build to produce an outreach effort.
“So many of us are just one pay check away from being homeless” said Nicholas. “We’re trying to reach out to the community to show them that we care about them.”

Nicholas was particularly pleased to see representatives from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. DMV representatives were available to assist attendees obtain the valuable California State ID. “A California ID is key to getting all types of services,” said Nicholas. “It can open up a whole new life.”

For more information on Resources and Connections to End Homelessness, contact the Community Build offices at (323) 290-6560.